Vacation Villa Italy: in the heart of an ancient Villa in Italy.

Vacation Italy Villa: in the heart of an ancient italian Villa your vacation in Italy will be special. In Friuli, at the Dall'Ongaro Hotel, you'll find tradition, hospitality and the cure of great genuine kitchen.

Dall'Ongaro Villa Italy for Vacation: an atmosphere where the suggestion of the past meets the comfort of the modern in an efficient and innovative service.
Welcome to Ghirano in the splendid frame of Vacation Villa in Italy Dall'Ongaro. Ghirano is a country situated in the affluence of the rivers Meduna and Livenza, paradise of the fishermen rich for its flora and its fauna. Encircled from an immense green, ideal for the walks to the open air and moments of absolute relax. Not to underrate its rich, industrial and economic aspect of important Companies of the piece of furniture and of all those that live round to they. We are situated in the zone of the piece of the furniture nearby Maron, Brugnera and Prata di Pordenone.

Vacation VILLA Italy - Reservation Rooms

The Vacation Villa Italy has 37 rooms located to the inside of the residence and the adjacent ones Barchesse.

The Holiday Italy Villa has the service of open reception 24 hours bar, breakfast room, reading room, TV room with a fireplace, wine cellar.
The Holiday Italy Villa meeting rooms decide of 100 places to seat in a position to satisfying whichever type of requirement. The inner furnishing is characterized from the age style and maintains the characteristics of the campaign houses of the 1900's. All the rooms have been realized in order to satisfy the requirements of our business customers, tourist, individual... Some communicating rooms are equipped for the families; the bedrooms have air conditioning, minibar, Tv sat, bath and shower, direct phone, hair dryer; Laundry service is available of our guests.

Vacation Italian VILLA - The Restaurant
Varied kitchen, tied to the territory and the seasons
in oil vegetables
hois d'oeuvre with stagional vegetable
homenade pasta
skewer on request
(on reservation)
stagional steak
kid, wild boar, roe-buck
stagional vegetables
volounter grass, asparagus, mashrooms, chicory
theme dinner
homenade cakes

Supplied wine cellar where the wines can be tasted with small cheese and cold cuts assays

Vacation ITALY VILLA Cultural and enological-gastronomic Stays
Welcome drink
Rich buffet Break-fast
Free visits to several neighbouring places with descriptions and information at disposal
Guided tasting tour to an important wine-cellar of the area
Guided tasting tour to one of the most important factory producing foods deriving from goose

Vacation ITALY VILLA - Reservation Cultural Trips
Passiriano -Villa Manin
Sesto al Reghena

Italy Vacation Villa Manin
Time Distance round-trip: 1.30
The Friuli's most important country House. In 1797 Napoleon stayed here when he signed the Treaty of Campoformio with the Hapsburgs, which gave Venice to Austria, putting an end to its the secular power.

Time Distance round-trip: 45
Castle of the Counts of Porcia (11th century)
Archpriest Church of San Giorgio (neo-Gothic style with a 15th century bell tower)
To visit in the vicinities:
Loggia of the Clock (medieval)
Oratory of San Giuseppe (17th century) at Palse
Church of Santa Agnese (14th century)
Vacation Italy Villa Correr-Dolfin (17th century) at Rorapiccolo
Park of the Sources
Fluvial park on the river Noncello
Festivities and manifestations:
Sources March and spring festival: April
Lago della Burida Festival: June at Roccapiccolo
Historical parade and march of the bell towers: 2nd Sunday of September

Time Distance round-trip: 40
Cathedral (1474-1496) with works by Palma il Giovane
Small Church of the Madonna of the Mercy (16th century)
Several sixteenth century palaces as: the Town Loggia, Palazzo Carli Italy holiday Villa, Palazzo Ettoreo Italy holiday Villa, Palazzo Flangini-Biglia (centre of the Civic Museum and the Library - Italy holiday Villa)
To visit in the neighbourhood:
Small Church of S. Maria delle Grazie (16th century) at Vistoria
Parish Church (1822), Italy holiday Villa Ruolo (neo-Gothic castle), ruins of the Castle (dating back to 1000), Church of Santa Lucia (11th century), Church of Sarone (with wooden altar-18th century) at Caneva
Forest of the Cansiglio
Caneva and Sarone Hills
Road of the Castles of Caneva
Sources of the Livenza at Satissima
Festivals and events:
Reign of the Bread and Wine: Epiphany at Sacile and Caneva.
Spring fair of the birds.
Bonsais: April May
Typical wines Exhibition: last two Sundays of July at Caneva.
Review of the Friuli Venice Julia DOC Wines: August.
Festival of the Osei (Birds): the first Sunday after mid-August at Sacile.

Time Distance round-trip: 1.15
Parish Church with frescoes of 16th century
To visit in the neighbourhood:
Vacation Italy Villa Morassutti at Villotta
Tower of the Castle Sbrojavacca (11th 12th century) at Torrate
Vacation Italy Villa Panigai-Ovio (18th century) at Panigai
Church of San Bartolomeo (with frescoes of 16th century) at Basendo
Church of San Antonio Abate (frescoes of 16th century by Amalteo) at Pravisdomini
Torrate wood: at Palu' di Braco (Pravidomini)
Festivals and events:
Festival of Local Wines: last weekend of May and first weekend of June at Pravisdomini.
Festival of the "Rassa": first weekend of August at Basendo di Chions.
Horse club Frattina at Pravidomini.
Time Distance round-trip: 1.15
Ancient medieval village
Castle (12th century)
Vacation Villa Freschi-Piccolomini (1700)
Palazzo Ridolfi (with frescoes of 1700)
Oratory of San Girolamo in Castello (with a fresco of 16th century once attributed to Giotto)
Old parish Church of Sant'Andrea (1477)
Sanctuary of the Madonna (1600) next to Palazzo Cecchini (with neoclassic decorations Italy holiday Villa)
To visit in the neighbourhood:
Parish church of San Martino (1757, with paintings by Palma il Giovane)
Church of San Rocco (1500) at Morsano al Tagliamento
Frescoes in the small church of Santi Pietro e Paolo (end 15th century) at Saletto
Festivals and events:
Festival of the Crayfishes: end of June at Saletto di Morsano.
Historical parade: first Sunday of July at Cordovado.
Festival of the Goose: 1-15 August at Morsano al Tagliamento.

Sesto al Reghena
Time Distance round-trip: 1.15
The huge monastic complex that comprises the Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria in Sylvis (year 762 with important frescoes of the 1300)
The lapidary museum with stone fragments of Longobard age (inside the Basilica)
Holiday Italy Villa Zanardini-Fabris (end of 18th century) at Sesto
Holiday Italy Villa Freschi Piccolomini (17th century) at Ramoscello
Equipped Park at Sesto
Festivals and events:
Festival of the wine: in March at Sesto
Festival of the wine: half March at Ramoscello
Festival of the Trout: first decade of June at Sesto
Festival of the emui: first Sunday of July at Sesto.

Vacation ITALY VILLA - Mountain Bike Tours
Stays for cycle tourists
Welcome drink
Rich buffet Break-fast
Dinner with a menu la carte
Route maps
Garage and bike mechanic

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